Prophecy given to Jeanne

December 2022

An uncovering of the earth off the second birth.
An uncovering of the sons of God now to walk upon the earth;
That which has been planned before the beginning of man.
Standing in the fullness and the authority of Him,
It's time now, sons of God, come forth from within.
It is time now.
Begin to rise up.
Begin to come forth.
The beginning of the releasing now be
In the fullness of what you have been taught.
Walking in the reality, in the light of eternity,
Concerning the turning now of that which is to be.
All of earth and heaven to see the revealing of the sons of God,
For the sake of all humanity.
Uncovering all the vanity of carnality
And walking in the fullness of the kingdom of God—within reality.
It has begun.