Jeanne Fraser

As a minister to ministers and a leader of God’s people, Jeanne Fraser carries a profound supply of supernatural grace to the spiritually hungry. Her ministry is unique, refreshing, and full of the miraculous. People are overwhelmed as the glory of God faithfully fills the lives of those around her. Through the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially the “word of knowledge” (see 1 Cor. 12), people’s needs, wants, and pains are identified and quickly answered-- Countless lives have been healed and helped through this ministry.
As a faithfully submitted wife, Jeanne’s love for the Lord, her family and “all people” are evident. She is a down-to-earth, powerful gift to the Body of Christ. Through her, God is “Empowering People by the Power of The Holy Spirit!"

Vickie Barclay

Vickie Barclay, wife of Mark T. Barclay, has successfully served alongside her husband for over 40 years. Not only does Vickie travel extensively with her husband, but she is also very busy teaching and helping churches across America and other countries of the world. She hosts a renowned national ladies’ conference each year and has authored a life-changing daily devotional.

Vickie is known for her very practical approach to life and ministry. Her fun and “real” application of the Word of God is very refreshing. You won’t want to miss being in her meetings and receiving from the anointing upon her as Jesus flows through her.